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Ukrainian Eggs By Ginny.

watercolor by ginny

Gallery of the 2-Dimensional Artwork of Ginny Barkman

Other sites and webpages designed by GBarkman Art & Design are as follows:


Karchesky Canna Collection - A beautiful collection of Arkansas and Pennsylvanian cannas
being made available to canna collectors looking for unusual varieties.
One of the largest canna websites in North America, over 200 species shown with others in development.

morgan artwork

The Artwork of Joe Morgan - A virtual display of artwork from Canadian Artist, Joe Morgan.
His pen and ink limited edition prints encompass magic and mystery
flavored by his love for Mayan archeology, anthropology and history.
His artwork is available for sale through by contacting GBarkman Art & Design

dye logo

Pysanky Showcase - This site is the result of dye testing and webpage creation on my part.
The dye pages are part of a larger site that I reworked for Patty DeAngelo, a prominent pysanky artist and colleague.

Whistler, British Columbia - Virtual Visit - Scenery shots from Kamloops to Whistler with shots of the Village and Cheakamous Forest.

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